Welcome to Cloud 9 Sauna

A little slice of tropical solitude tucked away between Kincumber and MacMasters Beach on the Central Coast. No matter what your reason – as you step through to Cloud 9 you will land into a gentle space offering rejuvenation and relaxation.

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Cloud 9 Sauna:

The sauna is a top of the range Outdoor Clearlight Jacuzzi brand. All sessions are completely private (unless you bring a friend). Set in lush tropical surrounds, the sauna has an inbuilt sound system, chromotherapy lighting and the signature cedarwood aroma.


Each booking has a timeslot of 1 hour and 15 minutes. This ensures you have plenty of time to come in, prepare for your sauna, have a cold water shower rinse, and get ready for the outside world without feeling rushed. The actual sauna session is normally between 30-45mins.

What is provided?

Every session will have two towels provided and 1 litre of filtered water. After your sauna you have the option of taking a mineral magnesium and electrolyte shot to ensure optimum nutrient replenishment.

What to bring?

Yourself and a state of mind ready for some calm.

Health Benefits

tree icon, promote longevity


Body & brain health

droplet icon, detox


Revitalise through perspiration

star icon healthy weight


Invigorate your metabolism

heart icon healthy heart

Healthy Heart

Promote cardiovascular health

spiral icon, pain reduction

Pain Reduction

Bliss for muscles, aches and pains

mandala icon, sports recovery

Sports Recovery

Performance & endurance

mandala icon, rejuvenation


Anti-ageing and skin repair

moon icon, sleep and relaxation


Reduce stress & enhance sleep

Read more about health benefits here: Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Refreshing cold outdoor shower at Cloud 9 Sauna
Timber pathway welcomes you to the serene sanctuary of Cloud 9 Sauna
Statue surrounded by sub-tropical bushland
Cloud 9 Sauna visible on left side of walkway nestled in serene greenery
Timber pathway leading to sauna enveloped by green trees and sub-tropical plants
Inside view of Cloud 9 Sauna

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Single Sauna Session

Private Sauna Session – 1 person $40
Single Session – 2 people $54
Single Session – 3 people $66


3 Pass Sauna Sessions

3 Pass Membership – 1 person $110
3 Pass Membership – 2 people $150

Statue surrounded by sub-tropical bushland

Find out More!

If you have questions or want to find out more before making a booking,
please don't hesitate to reach out:

0439 261 251

791 The Scenic Rd, MacMasters Beach (closer to Kincumber end)